I’m sure we’ll enjoy watching this movie for years and years to come! – Coleman Ellenger

We are so happy that we went with Alan and team for the videographers for our wedding. Several immediate family members on my side were unable to make it at the last minute, and we contacted Alan roughly two weeks before the wedding. He set up calls and meetings at the venue very promptly and was extremely easy to communicate with and accommodating at every step of the way. On the big day, he worked extremely well with our photographer – who made a point to complement him and his team – and helped guide us through the shots he needed without impeding the overall process – and feel – of the day.

In terms of the finished product, we were blown away. We gave him free reign stylistically, and am very glad we did that. He has a very cinematic eye, and all of the shots were beautifully and artfully framed, even the ones that weren’t staged. The shots of the Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches look like they had an entire film crew lighting the scene (thankfully they did not). The coverage they were able to get with just two people was amazing. I had to watch the speeches several times to convince myself they didn’t have a third camera going. Editing and music choices were all great, and he was able to capture audio of the ceremony very well, including the DJ and music, which I’m sure isn’t easy.

Thanks to Cineture Studios, my family members who weren’t able to make it there in person were able to experience what it was like to be there. And several people who have seen the videos (both the short and long versions) commented that it was like watching a movie. I’m sure we’ll enjoy watching this movie for years and years to come!

Thank you, Alan and Bun (I hope I got that spelling right!)!!!